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Be prepared for anything,
with our 5 Rocks Recovery Kit!

Now only $525 

Save $90!

1 x 90ltr p/m Ironman 4x4 Airchamp Compressor
1 x Pair of Ironman 4x4 Total Traction Treds
1 x Ironman 4x4 Speedy Deflator
1 x Ironman 4x4 8000kg Snatch strap
1 x Ironman 4x4 Recovery Hitch
1 x Ironman 4x4 Hook Bow Shackle

90ltr p/m Ironman 4x4 Airchamp Compressor


The Ironman 4x4 Air Champ compressor has been designed to withstand the harsh conditions of off road travel. 

Pumping out 90L per minute at a maximum 150psi.

Seal tested, dust resistant and tested for performance to ensure you get out on the tracks quicker.

  • Snap-on quick release fitting

  • 8m heat resistant, heavy duty hose

  • Inline prssure gauge/deflator

  • Anti-Vibration feet

  • Moisture & Dust resistant

  • Maintenance-free motor

  • Screw in air filter

  • Includes heavy duty carry bag


Ironman 4x4 Hook Bow Shackle


Shackles are an essential recovery item you can never have too many of!

Used to attach recovery straps, tree trunk protectors, winch extension straps & snatch blocks.


Ironman Total Traction Recovery Treds


The ultimate traction aide has arrived at Ironman 4x4. Engineered and manufactured in Australia from the highest quality materials, Total Traction by Treds is the ultimate recovery traction aide. Designed to improve traction in sand, mud and snow, Total Traction is the perfect tool for getting you moving again. Designed with superior grip through hex nodules and aggressive ramp entry teeth to ensure you get grip from the very beginning. The four channel underside ensure maximum structural integrity and the underside pattern ensures stability on the ground. Whilst user friendly features such as an integrated shovel and ergonomic handles provide comfort and control.


Speedy Tyre Deflator


The "Speedy" deflator screws onto your 4WD's tyre valve, allowing you to remove it's valve-core for rapid air-down of even the biggest tyres.


Ironman 4x4 Recovery Hitch


Ironman recovery bow shackle fits neatly into your tow bar to provide an easily accessible recovery point.


Ironman 4x4 8,000kg Snatch Strap


Premium quality snatch straps are the most important recovery item for any 4WD owner.


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*Terms and Conditions: Available until 7th November 2019, or while stock lasts.

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